PrimeHumic ingezet bij Melkveebedrijf Bruggeman

It’s simple for René Bruggeman. The profits of PrimeHumic humic acids are about 34 cents per cow per day, the costs are 6 cents. “This sum is easily made,” says the dairy farmer. Together with his brother, he runs a dairy farm with 136 dairy cows and 55 young stock in Wijhe, Overijssel.

About 5 years ago René came into contact with PrimeHumic at the livestock farming and mechanization fair in Hardenberg. “The concept appealed to us, but the question is always whether the revenues are higher than the costs.” His feed supplier knew he had doubts. “They then mixed PrimeHumic into the feed for a good month. Production increased by one liter per cow per day. When they discontinued, it immediately dropped again ”, says René. “We have not changed anything else. So PrimeHumic really improves feed efficiency.”

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PrimeHumic ingezet bij Melkveebedrijf Bruggeman
Financial benefits, also with calves

“Production dropped”
A few more times, the dairy farmer tested the effect of not adding PrimeHumic. “But after one to two weeks we always started again”, he laughs. “Because production dropped immediately.”
René notices that the age of culling cows has also increased in recent years. “It is difficult to say whether that is due to PrimeHumic, or genetics, for example.” He also sees that the digestion and manure quality are good and that his cows do not suffer from claw problems or laminitis. “But that is really difficult to attribute to one product. You can measure production, but you get a sense about the other issues. Although of course it is all related to each other anyway. Only a happy cow will increase production.”

Examplary company
The calves have also been given PrimeHumic for a number of months. First, the animals were given Halocur to prevent cryptosporidiosis. “PrimeHumic has exactly the same effect, but the costs are much more favorable. Also, the calves no longer have diarrhea. PrimeHumic does what needs to be done”, René concludes.
He notices that more and more dairy farmers in the region have also started using PrimeHumic. “We were the first to use PrimeHumic, we are an exemplary company in that regard. And actually everyone I hear about it is enthusiastic.”

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