Multi-Mino is an organic micronutrient fertilizer complexed with amino acids. It is a fine, free-flowing, hygroscopic, spray-dried powder that contains short chains of amino acids in peptide form, derived from enzymatic hydrolysis of non-GMO soybeans. It is a low-sodium, low-nitrate, sprayable concentrate.
Multi-Mino should be used as part of a complete fertilizer program to address micronutrient deficiencies and to feed the soil biology. It can be used throughout the entire life cycle of the crop.
Multi-Mino is recommended for use in drip or pivot fertigation, with foliar sprays, at planting, and in hydroponic systems. It can be used on all crops and in combination with most organic and synthetic fertilizers. Perform a compatibility jar test prior to tank mixing.
Warning: Contains boron. Do not use on sensitive crops. Use only according to manufacturer’s directions. The use of this material on any crops other than those recommended may result in injury.
For application rates, refer to product label. Application rates will vary by your crop system. Please contact the BioAg sales team or your crop advisor for further details.
Available from April 2023.
Guarantee Analysis:
Total Nitrogen (N): 7%
7% Water Soluble Nitrogen
Boron (B): 0,5%
Copper (Cu): 1,0%
Iron (Fe): 2,5%
Manganese (Mn): 1,0%
Molybdenum (Mo): 0,1%
Zinc (Zn): 3,0%
Form: powder
Color: bluish green
Odor: non-distinctive
Solubility: 100% soluble in water
pH: 4-6
Store in a cool, dry place.