Use Ful-Humix (humic acid) and Ful-Power (fulvic acid) for agriculture
For a sustainable, healthy soil and increased returns!
Use Ful-Humix and Ful-Power for agriculture
The use of Ful-Humix and Ful-Power in agriculture can have beneficial effects on the physical, chemical, as well as biological properties of the soil. These two humic substances improve soil structure, have a water-retaining capacity and reduce the hardness of the soil surface. Heavy metals in the soil can cause toxic reactions and inhibit the availability of nutrients in plants. Ful-Humix and Ful-Power bind heavy metals and thereby detoxify the soil.
Humic substances increase microbial growth and biochemical interactions, such as carbon and nitrogen cycles, and the forming of other phytostimulants. Humic acids for crops and plants have positive effects on enzyme activity, nutrient uptake, growth and immunity.
Nutrient chelation therapy, i.e. maintaining and increasing the availability of soil-bound nutrients = reduced use of fertilizers.