Addition of Ful-Power has several (financial) benefits on sports fields:
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    Doubles root length and mass

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    Generates significantly more hair roots

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    Provides denser and longer rooting

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    Reduces the use of chemical pesticides

Use Ful-Power, instead of herbicides, against weeds

The use of herbicides in sports and recreation areas outside the agricultural sector must be greatly reduced. Golf, with a high regard for sustainability, can play a pioneering role in this. That is why, with the signing of the Green Deal (Green Deal sports fields 2020), golf clubs have shifted their focus to alternative herbicides for site maintenance. Moreover, they take the lead in achieving the best result: sustainable sport enjoyment.
As part of the Green Deals, we are working together with the Hilversumsche Golf Club to see how the organic substances humic acid and fulvic acid can contribute to reducing the use of chemical herbicides. With these so-called bio-stimulants, we trust to take a big step in improving the soil as a growth medium and a healthier, stress-free grass plant. Scientific research has shown that humic acid and fulvic acid products, such as our Ful-Power, are especially useful for plants under stress, such as grass plants.
Biostimulants are natural substances, that are not fertilizers or herbicides, that stimulate the health and growth of the plant. They can increase the metabolism and improve the bioavailability of nutrients, accelerate germination and cell development and increase the uptake capacity of plant cells or even the soil. Ful-Power – with pure fulvic acid as its most important component – is an example of this. Below you can read the first, very positive, results at the Hilversum Golf Club.
What others say about Ful-Power on sports fields
In my search for alternatives to chemical herbicides, I came into contact with BioAg Europe, who have been using biostimulants such as humic and fulvic acid for years in horticulture, agriculture and animal husbandry in the Netherlands. During a first meeting it soon became clear that there are certainly opportunities for our golf club, and I was able to set up a number of tests on our greens. After discussing the outcome with our adviser David Stansfield, next year I am going to treat 18 greens, and half of two greens, for further research. It is clear to me that the use of Ful-Power and other humus products is a good and natural step in the direction of chemical-free management. And the investment is less than the cost of one herbicide treatment!


                              Adjan Verploegh, head greenkeeper Hilversumsche Golf Club
The benefits of using Ful-Power
Based on a practical example at the Hilversumsche Golf Club
Ful-Power is being tested on the greens of the Hilversumsche Golf Club. The development of the following aspects is tested:
  • General vitality of the grass

  • Root growth in length and vitality

  • Thickness of the thatch layer

  • Germination result of sown grasses

  • Soil temperature

  • Soil moisture percentage

  • Fungal diseases and possible control

  • Fertilization

The plugs are professionally flushed to weigh the root mass. This resulted in very positive results.
The rooting in box CH-1 (treated with Ful-Power) after the first month is considerably denser and longer than in box CH-2.

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