BioAg Europe collaborates with BioAg USA and was founded with clear goals:
Development through research

The product development of BioAg Europe, of which Humic Solution is a part, is based on research from renowned studies and collaborations with scientists, agronomists, doctors, therapists and suppliers from around the world. BioAg has various studies underway, both short and long term.

Quality products

Based on proper research, we develop high-quality products based on humic acid and fulvic acid. We know what our products do and why.
This allows us to always provide you with customized advice. We know that every situation is different and our science-based products allow us to work together with you for the best result.

Sharing our knowledge

In addition to developing products based on humic and fulvic acid, BioAg Europe also believes it is important to share the knowledge we have about humic and fulvic acid. We do this, among other activities, by giving training and lectures in the field of human, animal and plant health.

Humic Solution

as part of BioAg Europe

Humic acid and fulvic acid for the consumer market and for professionals who work with consumers.

The Team

Harry de Wild


Email: h.dewild


Erna de Wild

HR & Policy

Email: info


Klarijn Haitsma

Marketing & Sales Humic Solution

Email: k.haitsma


Kirsten Szklany

Research coordinator

Email: k.szklany


Iris Kosterink

Marketing & Sales

Email: i.kosterink


Sonja Nieman


Email: administratie


Jordy van de Bunt

Web management

Email: info


Loran Dekker

Warehouse worker

Stan Groenenboom

Warehouse worker


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International Humic Substance Society

BioAg Europe is affiliated with the International Humic Substance Society (IHSS) and supports their recommended testing methods. This means that our humic and fulvic acid are assessed according to the test methods of the IHSS. 

A question about our quality standards? Please feel free to contact us.

Feed Chain Alliance

Our products for farm animals have an FCA certificate.
GMP has become The Feed Chain Alliance. In 2015 the name “GMP Regulation” was let go. The Feed Chain Alliance standard was born; there is no difference between them. “GMP Animal Feed” has changed its name to “Feed Chain Alliance” (FCA). The high quality standards have remained the same.

Together for safety and quality – FCA

Organic Materials Review Institute

BioAg Europe’s agricultural and horticultural products are OMRI certified in America and meet the organic standards.

The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) is a non-profit organization from America that determines which products are allowed to use in certified organic crops. When certifying, OMRI uses the organic standards (National Organic Standards) as prescribed by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture).