Ful-Humix L

Liquid Humic Acid(s)

Ful-Humix® L is a soluble liquid humic acid(s) product and fast-acting soil conditioner that will help maximize micronutrient uptake.
BioAg’s unique manufacturing method retains the high value and efficacy and makes the humic acid(s) soluble for increased results.
Ful-Humix L is recommended for use in drip or pivot fertigation, with foliar sprays, at planting, and in hydroponic systems. Ful-Humix L can be used on all crops and in combination with most organic and synthetic fertilizers. Perform compatibility jar test prior to tank mixing.
For application rates, refer to product label. Application rates will vary by your crop system. Please contact the BioAg sales team or your crop advisor for further details.
Available from January 2023.
Non-plant food ingredients: 3% Humic Acid(s)
Form: liquid
Color: dark brown/black
Odor: mild odor
Solubility: 100%
pH: 9.0-11.0
Store in a cool, dry place.