Our humic and fulvic acid products are certified high-quality
For crops and plants BioAg Europe has developed several humic acid and fulvic acid products for a range of applications and ease of use. We supply basic products such as Ful-Power (liquid) and Ful-Humix (granules). We also have ready-to-use products such as TM-7 and CytoPlus. These last two humic acid and fulvic acid products are complete and no other ingredients need be added.
You can choose your product based on the system you are using and the results you seek.
Our products are provided with an OMRI certificate in America
At BioAg Europe, our focus is on quality. Our humic acid and fulvic acid products for agriculture and horticulture are listed at OMRI USA, and/or meet organic standards.

Below you will find our products that can be used for crops and plants: