Our humic and fulvic acid products are certified high-quality
BioAg Europe has developed the following products especially for farm animals: PrimeHumic (powder) with and without lime, PrimeHumic liquid and PrimeFulvic liquid and gel.
All products have different advantages for farm animals. Recent studies have shown that humic and fulvic acid have a positive effect on intestinal health. As a result the animal is less troubled by stress, feed conversion improves and so does the overall health of the animal. You can find the benefits per farm animal here.
Our products for farm animals have an FCA certificate
Our primary focus at Bioag Europe is quality. Our humic and fulvic acid products for farm animals therefore have a FCA certificate. FCA refers to the Feed Chain Alliance regulations, developed by Ovocom in Belgium. The FCA certificate guarantees that our products meet European quality standards.


About humic and fulvic acid

Humics are strong anti-oxidants which are able to remove free radicals from our body. This restores the cell balance. If free radicals stay in our body, cells can proliferate rampantly. Fulvic acid normalises the cell growth and restores cell balance. In our daily environment and through food we are exposed to heavy metals and chemicals. Humic substances are the only substances that are able to transform complex radioactive substances into harmless substances, thereby keeping them out of our food chain and preventing harm to human, animal as well as plant cells.
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