ION-14® is a semi-soluble dry product that provides plants with beneficial silicon and humis acid. It can be used through the entire life-cycle of the plant as a powerful nutrient activator and acts as an excellent food source for soil microbes.
ION-14® can be applied to all crops including; trees, vines, ornamentals, small fruits, vegtables, row crops, feed crops, forage and pasture. It can be applied by in-furrow, and at planting.
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Contains non-plant food ingredients: 2% soluble silicon, 7% monosilicic acid, 50% humic acid
Form: Powder or granular
Color: Dark brown
Odor: Mild
Solubility: 95 – 99% Highly soluble meshpowders available on request.
pH: 8 – 9
Store in a cool, dark, and dry place.