Positive effects with the addition of PrimeHumic to the feed of your meat pigs:
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    Faster growth

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    Improvement of villi and crypts

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    Better feed conversion

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    Better development of intestinal structure

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    Improved absorption of nutrients

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    Improved overall health

PrimeHumic for optimum intestinal health in your meat pigs
The pig’s intestinal tract contains villi and crypts to absorb the nutrients. The villi are bulges of the intestinal wall, which must be long. The crypts are the cavities between these bulges, which must be shallow. You can see this clearly in the image on the right.
It is therefore essential to keep the intestinal health of your meat pigs optimal.
PrimeHumic promotes the absorption of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Keep your farm animals healthy and strong!
darmgezondheid varkens

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The financial benefits when using PrimeHumic

Based on a practical example at a feedlot.

The practical example below is based on a company with 250 gilts and 250 bears in the fattening phase.
Here an average of 10,000 pigs per year are supplied.

Slaughter yield
+ € 0,28
Less feed consumption
+ € 1,89
Fewer premature deaths
+ € 0,99
+ € 0,69
+ € 3,85 per pig
Costs PrimeHumic
– € 1,08 per pig
+ € 2,77 per pig

This amounts to an extra profit of € 27,700 per year!

Thanks to the use of PrimeHumic

Other pig farmers about the use of PrimeHumic
We saw many advantages, both technically and economically. The manure quality improved and also the feed intake was improved, especially with our gilts. I also saw the muscle-to-fat ratio grow.
– Pig farmer from Overijssel with 5500 meat pigs
I now use PrimeHumic Liquid at 10cc per litter (10-15 piglets) at a time, added to about 500ml. At present I only give it to litters of gilts from day 1 to day 5 approximately, and am pleased with the results! The difference with the gilts before PrimeHumic is big… I just don’t see any cases of diarrhea in these piglets anymore.
– Pig farmer Erik from Belgium
PrimeHumic dosage

Dosage: 1 gram per 200 kg animal weight


Per 1000
Price per ton of food
Prijs per pig per day
Period of time
15,5 kg
91 kg
€ 2,279
€ 0,002
€ 0,097
Start phase
35 kg
117 kg
€ 2,92
€ 0,00
€ 0,15
Transitional phase
60 kg
150 kg
€ 3,75
€ 0,01
€ 0,26
Fattening phase
100 kg
189 kg
€ 4,72
€ 0,01
€ 0,63
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