Nanostructured Silicon

Bio-SuperSil mimics the silica found in nature but with enhanced benefits. It is a unique and proprietary formulation from BioAg and uses non-ionic, nanostructured silica, which is silica containing at least one external dimension between 1 to 100 nm.
Bio-SuperSil has a lower pH, which allows users to blend it with water or fertilizer without drastically increasing the solution pH and without a pH buffer. When applied correctly, silicon enters the plant and is transported through the xylem and deposited into the aerial parts of the plants, including the stems and leaves where, it helps fortify cells.
Bio-SuperSil is recommended for use in pivot or drip fertigation, with foliar sprays, at planting, and in hydroponic systems. Bio-SuperSil can be used on all crops and in combination with most organic and synthetic fertilizers. Perform a compatibility jar test prior to tank mixing.
For application rates, refer to product label. Application rates will vary by your crop system. Please contact the BioAg sales team or your crop advisor for further details.
Available from January 2023.
Contains non-plant food ingredients: 0.5% Soluble Silicon (Si) from Silicon Dioxide
Form: liquid
Color: light cream-light orange
Odor: odorless
Solubility: 100% soluble
pH: 5-7
Store in a cool, dry place. Do not freeze.