Experiences of PrimeHumic in dairy cattle
Humic acids as an additional approach to salmonella

Dairy farm Koepon in North Groningen is not your average company. The modern company with over 400 dairy cows achieves above-average results through an optimal combination of genetics, hygiene, cow comfort and nutrition. Despite this, the company faced a problem with the youngest calves. It turned out to be a variant of the salmonella bacteria. The solution was partly found in the addition of humic acids to the feed. “We were positively surprised that such a small addition could solve the problem,” says manager Marcel Rijkers.

Marcel Rijkers – Koepon company director
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PrimeHumic with dairy cattle: 'It's simple maths'

It’s simple for René Bruggeman. The profits of PrimeHumic humic acids are about 34 cents per cow per day, the costs are 6 cents. “This sum is easily made,” says the dairy farmer. Together with his brother, he runs a dairy farm with 136 dairy cows and 55 young stock in Wijhe, Overijssel.

About 5 years ago René came into contact with PrimeHumic at the livestock farming and mechanization fair in Hardenberg. “The concept appealed to us, but the question is always whether the revenues are higher than the costs.” His feed supplier knew he had doubts. “They then mixed PrimeHumic into the feed for a good month. Production increased by one liter per cow per day. When they discontinued, it immediately dropped again ”, says René. “We have not changed anything else. So PrimeHumic really improves feed efficiency.”

Our cows are healthier and grow older

The longer Marc Krabben supplements his cows with humic acids, the better the results. His 110 dairy cows have now been fed PrimeHumic humic acids for about 5 years. When the feed supplier forgot to mix in PrimeHumic, Marc noticed immediately. “What was going on? Production fell by an average of more than a liter and I noticed from the cows that something was different.” He finds it difficult to put into words what exactly changed. “It’s also partly a feeling.”

Humic acids have a positive effect on the functioning of the intestines. “The healthier the intestines, the healthier the animal”, Marc Krabben knows. “If things are not right at the gut level, you can expect all kinds of problems. These problems manifest themselves differently for each cow. And the effects also differ per company. The addition of humic acids causes milk fat and protein levels to rise in one company, in another it increases production and in some companies it does much less. Fortunately, I was allowed to test first to see if it worked for us.”

More experiences with PrimeHumic in dairy cattle
“Our cows suffer from a too high acidity; for this we use PrimeHumic with lime. We had stopped using this for a short time and immediately the acidity rose again. We immediately started using PrimeHumic again and the acidity dropped again.”

– Dairy farmer from Nijkerk, the Netherlands with 30 cows

“PrimeHumic can reduce antibiotic use. PrimeHumic is an excellent supplement to the feed to improve health, preferably preventively.”

– Veterinary surgeon for farm animals with a working area of ​​
Utrecht & South Holland, The Netherlands

“We have far fewer mastitis cases. In the event that the animal has a hard or swollen udder, we can often remedy this with the help of mint and a painkiller. In the past we would have to use penicillin straight away. It looks like the natural immune system is strengthened in our cows.”

– Dairy farmer from Bornerbroek, the Netherlands

“The manure is good and we need to mix much less; because the manure digests better it smells less and most likely has less ammonia. After we started using PrimeHumic, the feed efficiency went up. My feed supplier makes a calculation of how much my animals should ingest, but I always have feed left.”

– Dairy farmer Van Schaik with 95 cows

PrimeHumic promotes the absorption of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Keep your young stock healthy and energetic!

A healthy start of your young stock has a lot of influence on age, health and milk production. BioAg Europe has been doing research on dairy cattle for a long time and we have seen very positive results from the use of PrimeHumic.

Experiences with PrimeHumic Liquid in young cattle
“We have been using PrimeHumic Liquid to control Crypto in our youngest calves since November 2019. Our experiences are positive, with the correct use of the product. For example, it is important to add the product right to the first feed. I use the product the first 12 days of the calf’s life. I have now treated about 20 calves with the product. These calves look more robust and the drop-out rate is 0%. We used have high mortality rates from Crypto. PrimeHumic is not a miracle cure, but it is a good supporting product. Hygiene in calf rearing is just as important. I see PrimeHumic Liquid as a valuable addition to my young stock rearing.”

– Cattle farmer from De Krim (municipality of Hardenberg, the Netherlands)

“We had been using PrimeHumic for fourteen days. However, things were busy and I had forgotten to place another order. Promptly we had more calves with diarrhea again.”

– Cattle farmer from Merksplas (Belgium)

“In the time we used this product, we didn’t have a single calf with diarrhea and they were very energetic. Our impression was that they drank better in the first days, after that there was little difference anymore. The growth of the calves was good and they just did very well in general.”

– Cattle farmer from Koekange (municipality of De Wolden, the Netherlands)